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About Dark Forest

Using the art of storytelling to bring the listener to a world of the uncanny. Where what seems familiar is not, where old tales take on new life and new tales awaken.

We were created to explore, to wonder, to provoke thought, to awaken and to live. Dark Forest is a place in which all can find new things within the darkness of the unknown.

Our Work

Our Purpose

Dark Forest Theatre is an independent theatre situated in the north of Ireland, who are dedicated to the craft of reviving classic stories and stimulating your imagination with brand-new ones.


We wish to bring the art of story-telling to

our audiences and captivate them with the

talent and skill of our artists. 


We at Dark Forest Theatre are committed to nurturing new and existing talent and giving artists and creatives the chance and freedom to grow within their craft. Dark Forest Theatre is a non-funded theatre and as such we do not rely on others to create, only ourselves. The ethos of the company is that artists at all stages in their careers should be able to create and to grow within a professional and nurturing climate.

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