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A sinister tale of secrets and horror within a family.


'The sunlight that had once shone upon their faces began to diminish and the once beautiful face of the Princess started to turn to stone.

The children she birthed were cursed.

They weren’t children at all but monsters sent to harm her’


Gabriel has returned. His mother Claire and twin brother Michael are not welcoming. Claire and Michael have lost the ones they loved, and Gabriel left them to their grief. He adventured whilst they mourned. Now he was come back, and the family is finally back together, well not all the family. Yet its Claires Birthday and for her gift, she wants ALL the family to be together, even the ones who are dead. The dead tell no tales and no lies, and the family should not awaken them because sometimes, the truth is better staying buried.


Anna Conway

Stage Manager


'MONSTER uses the extreme actions of family to ask whether we're all capable of violent acts motivated by love and anger borne out of loyalty' AlaninBelfast


'We are never really sure who is telling the truth in a well constructed almost gothic piece of theatre which shocks, especially in a brutal series of finale twists' Alex Travis


'Enlightening and concisely enthralling' Simon Fallala

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