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The Washed Up Prince 
The Inside Out


In this special show, we will be doing two seperate stories in Act 1 and Act 2.

Act 1 will introduce 'The Inside Out' a play written and directed by Christine Clark and performed by Patricia Elwood. This is an incredibly powerful story that deals with mental health issues facing women today. Our character is getting ready for a date, however with a date comes expectations, rules, behaviour that is followed, but not all rules can be followed, not all behaviour is so easily accepted to comply to. This a poignant story of a modern womans life.

Act 2 will introduce ' The Washed Up Prince' Matthew O’Hara was one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. Nominated for an academy award at age 14 for his role as Paddy in ‘Troubles’ his star power has now completely faded. No longer is his face in magazines, nor do fans wait for his autograph. With a reputation for being difficult and unreliable, his career has nose-dived into obscurity. We meet Matthew as he is about to begin the first stage show of a lowly children’s play. Will hubris ruin this chance for him also? Is he just another washed up actor?

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